Interactive visualisation of ASEAN-EU co-publications

Interactive visualisation of ASEAN-EU co-publications

The SEA-EU-NET analysis team has analysed ASEAN research output in terms of publications and patents. Co-publication data can now be explored in an interactive way in your browser

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Research output in ASEAN is growing. The bibliometric analyses of the SEA-EU-NET team have also shown that the EU is ASEAN's most important partner when it comes to journal co-publications.

We have also prepared an interactive web-based visualisation of ASEAN-EU co-publication relationships. The visualisation tool allows users to explore the data and answer questions like the following:

  • What are the most important partner countries in ASEAN-EU cooperation of a given country (put your mouse over a country and see the major cooperation partner countries highlighted in red)?
  • How does the situation evolve over the years (use the heatmap in the middle to find information on the changes from one year to the next)?
  • How does the situation change from one topic to another (use the dropdown menu on the bottom left to change from ASEAN-ERA data to ASEAN-ERA data in specific topics)?

The visualisation works best in Firefox and Safari browsers. Contact us at ZSI in case you have any questions.

Find additional results of our bibliometric and patent analysis at our SEA-EU-NET website.


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