Workshop on bibliometrics

Workshop on bibliometrics

Workshop on bibliometrics

The SEA-EU-NET analysis team is carrying out a number of quantitative and qualitative analyses on research and innovation in Southeast Asia. Among them is a bibliometric study of research output in ASEAN Member States and their international cooperation networks within and beyond the region.

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The study applies state-of-the-art metrics in order to investigate thematic and geographic patterns as well as citation impact in the region's publication output. A special focus is placed on intra-ASEAN as well as ASEAN-EU co-publication output.

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End of August, SEA-EU-NET invited national STI indicators experts from Southeast Asia to Bogor, Indonesia for a bibliometrics workshop. The event was part of the tri-annual ASEAN S&T Week and was opened by a keynote speech by Prof. Wong Poh Kam (NUS/Singapore) on public-private co-publications. During the workshop, ZSI experts presented preliminary results of the SEA-EU-NET bibliometric analyses to the country experts. The aim was to contextualise and qualitatively enrich the quantitative data in discussion with the experts. The group also discussed and prioritised relevant upcoming analysis steps.

The workshop participants welcomed the study and its methodology. They highly appreciated the "sneak preview" of the data and first analysis results that were provided. Building on this, they actively participated in discussions and provided relevant recommendations on possible next steps in the analyses. The SEA-EU-NET experts integrated the recommendations in the analytical process and will finalise the study as planned in early 2015. One major output that can be expected and was particularly valued by the workshop experts: Interactive visualisations will provide users with opportunities to explore data and results in a customised way.


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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 311784.

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