PAN - Polish Academy of Sciences

Polish Academy of Sciences


PAN - Polish Academy of Sciences

Polska Akademia Nauk

The Polish Academy of Sciences is a state scientific institution founded in 1952. From the very beginning, it has functioned as society acting through an elected corporation of top scholars and research organisations, via its numerous scientific establishments. It has also become a major scientific advisory body through its scientific committees.  The activities of the Academy in its present form are regulated by the Parliamentary Act of April 25, 1997.

The bi-lateral scientific cooperation is based on 76 agreements. PAN is the member of about 100 international organisations. Partner from the ASEAN members is Vietnam - relations are based on the Agreement on scientific cooperation between the PAN and the VietnameseAcademy of Science and Technology signed in 1995 and the Agreement on scientific cooperation between the PAN and the VietnameseAcademy of Social Sciences and Humanities signed in 1996. Main scientific areas are: oceanology, hydro-engineering, geology, botany.

Budgetary resources are provided for in the part of the budget under heading “the PolishAcademy of Sciences”. The principles of administration of these resources are regulated by the budgetary law. Financial resources of Academy’s research centres are channelled by the Ministry of Education and Science (statutory funding, grants, etc.). International cooperation priorities: increasing of collaboration with regions (i.e. Visegrad Group), increasing of collaboration with specific countries, development/adoption of new technologies, strengthening national capacity in specific fields of research, targeting young researchers, increasing the exchange of scientists, bi-lateral agreements, multi-lateral agreements.

The main activities of the organisation: research activities (institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences), presentation of opinions and programmes concerned with science and the practical application of its results, international scientific cooperation effected through membership in international scientific organisations and cooperation with foreign scientific institutions, concluding agreements on scientific cooperation with foreign and international organisations and institutions, education on different levels, cooperation with other scientific institutions and higher education institutions and with science societies, issuing opinions on drafts of legal acts concerning science, its application and education.



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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
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